Online Business Ledger

Cloud Bookkeeping

An online business ledger, calculate accumulated TAX for GST, Sales Tax refunds or payment.

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A cloud business ledger

This is an easy to use business ledger for keeping all your business records in one place. Accessible anywhere in the world secured by password and username. No training needed anyone and everyone can use it to store personal and business records. Scan and upload receipts, calculate GST, Sales Tax and expenses with one click.

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For individuals

For individual tax payers, store all your expense records in one the system. Download the CSV file for your tax accountant to open in Microsoft Excel and calculate deductions. If you are a wage earning individual or an entrepreneur you can use this system to track your annual expenses or business progress.

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Run a paperless office

The system is independent of  any accounting systems, this allows the user to record or not record sales but easily store all your expense records and upload scanned receipts. This will help you maintain, categorise and track all your personal and business expense in a completely paperless form. Try it now it's FREE.

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