Watch the below video for a quick tutorial on how to use this application

Registering a new account. To register a new account click on Register Business and fill the details. You must fill in all the mandatory fields to create an account.

Logging in. Login using the email you used to create the account and the password you entered. If you have forgotten the password you can retrieve it with Forgot Password link.  Once logged in you will be in the system control panel. Main modules Sales Record, Expense Record, Tax Calculation and User Admin

Record keeping. Sales Record > Create sales record, edit records, download records.

Record Keeping. Exepense Record > Create expense record, edit records, download records. Tax estimation. Tax Calculation > View tax collected, tax paid, estimate refunds or payments.

User Admin > Edit company details, user details and add new user to company.



For more information on GST and TAX visit the following ATO links...  ATO - Claiming GST credits   Claiming GST credit on purchases   When you cannot claiming GST credits